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The Walker Family


On this page, I will share my experiences with you. Obviously, there won't be an entry for every day (I don't exactly live the rockstar lfestyle), but important and interesting happenings willl be shared with you.


17th May 2013

It's taken some time but I've finally got round to writing my first blog entry.

This is a big year for the Walker family. We're moving into a new house and Rachel and I are getting wed. The exciting events start soon, or rather have been ongoing for the last couple of months since we found our ideal new house and the whole process (and paperwork) started. We've finally submitted all paperwork and are now looking to complete on 31st May to move into our new home. We're all looking forward to moving as the house is bigger, in better surroundings, has more potential, has more land and is our furst home bought together as a family.


But before then, we have a nice camping holiday near Windsor to look forward to. We're going next Saurday and will be staying at the Amerden campsite again, a lovely little site which is very pleasant and has all the mod cons. We're taking our nice family tent, power supply, fridge, fan heaters, stoves etc.... we like to slum it! Talk about taking on the wild... We're hoping to go into London one day, maybe visit the south coast another, go to Windsor Castle and any number of other things but primarily we'll be chilling out after the quite stressful coupld of months we've had sorting the house out.


We get back on the day we complete on the house but we've been given a week to move into the new one so no great rush and no moving everything in one day, thankfully. Oh, and then we will be able to pick up Archie, our new Bassett Hound cross Springer Spaniel puppy from the breeders.... happy days.....


So, as you can see we have a lot on our plate in the next month or so. I'll try not to leave it too long before my next blog entry.


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